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  • Hazardous Materials Training Programs:
    Hazardous Communications(HAZCOM)
    Hazardous Materials Training
    (HAZMAT), Hazardous Waste
    Global Harmonized System (GHS) Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER),

40-hr HAZWOPER: OSHA regulations under 29 CFR 1910.120 require 40 hours of Safety Training for hazardous waste site workers and supervisors involved in activities that expose or potentially expose them to hazardous substances and health hazards above permissible levels. This ‘hands on’ course covers all regulatory requirements. Site Simulations are conducted (approximately 30% are ‘hands-on’. Topics include Chemistry of Hazmat, Health Effects of Hazmat, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Site Safety & Safe Work Practice, Confined Space Awareness, Excavation, Radiological Hazards and Emergency Procedures and Spill Response. Our emphasis is the protection of workers.

8-hr Annual HAZWOPER Refresher: This course provides that required refresher training for the 40 and 24-hour certifications. This course reviews the required subject matter and provides updates on regulatory changes within the last year. In order to maintain certification, personnel must take the course within 365 days of their previous graduation date.

24-hr HAZWOPER: Not all personnel require the 40-hr HAZWOPER. For individuals whose job function requires occasional or limited exposure to hazardous materials, the 24-hr HAZWOPER will meet OSHA’s requirement. Examples of personnel requiring this training include sales and administrative professionals, drivers, office staff, plant and manufacturing personnel, sampling technician or anyone whose job function may include the possibility of limited exposure.

We also offer a “home Study” course where you get all the information and tests on a CD and you do it at your pace. After you are done, we will come out, spend 2-4 hours covering what you did, and give the final test.

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